Embracing FIne Art

I started this shop as a place to share my works––as I'm a big believer that art in all forms should be shared with the world.

Both this space, and myself, have gone through many transformations over the years. My first love was fine arts, as was my educational background. I soon found myself drawn to design & craftsmanship. I love clay and hand dyeing, and all things in between!

But my body had other plans. Chronic illness kept me from doing these kind of labor-intensive works. It was taking a toll on my body and livelihood, and I knew that meant I had to take a step back and stop.

Of course, I still yearned to create. Slowly, I started to dip my toe in the creative waters again. I found my first love, a love of painting, still burning brightly inside. Painting is a way I can share my love of this world with all of you–so here I am, back at it again! I'm so thrilled to be here!

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